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Step 1 – Print out a packing slip for your headphones and fill out the details. Download it from here:

(PDF Version) or (Doc Version) .

Please include this form with your headphones when you ship them.




Step 2 – Ship your package!  Our address is on the shipping form you printed out in  step 1.  We recommend using a small or medium flat rate box from USPS / Fedex / UPS / etc.

Make sure to securely wrap the headphones with bubble wrap (Please included the cable).



Step 3 – When we receive your headphones we will inspect them and notify you if the cost of parts needed is over $35.  All of our repairs have a base rate of $35 plus parts and take 5 days to complete.  Click here for pricing information.




Step 4 – Our technicians will repair your headphones the same day (if parts are available) and we'll send you a picture or video as evidence that the repair has been done.




Step 5 – We will send you the invoice and you will have 30 days to pay via PayPal or Credit Card.






Step 6 – We will ship your headphones back to you immediately after your payment is confirmed. Return shipping is already included in the repair price (continental USA and to major repair of $70.- only).





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